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3641 Flinton Road
P.O. Box 72
Flinton, Ontario
K0H 1P0



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  Mon 04:00pm - 6:00pm
  Tue 10.00am - 2:00pm
  Wed 10:00am - 1:00pm
  Thu 03:00pm - 6:00pm
  Fri Closed
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  Sun Closed

The library branches will be closed on all statutory holidays

Our History

1934 - Flinton Library began and was housed in the post office, Mrs. Wilma cox became volunteer librarian.


•1940 - Application was made for a permanent public library in Flinton. Application was accepted July 31, 1940.


•1944 - Soldiers Comfort Club was formed


•1946 - name changed to Flinton Community Club.


•1947 - Flinton Community Club made the decision to build the library as a memorial for the Veterans of World War 2.


•1948 - Construction started.


•1949 - Flinton Memorial Library opened.


•1967 - Aluminum siding was put on the library, and Kaladar, Anglesea and Effingham Township took over operation of the Flinton Library


•1983 - The Golden Circle Club of Flinton donated $5000.00, and the township donated $1000.00 to build a 16 x16 addition. Official opening was held May 11, 1984.

•1998 Amalgamation

•Flinton was open 3 hours per week.

•Denbigh was open 2 hours per week.

•No computers

•Total patron visits for both libraries was 418

•2002 - Flinton was open 4 hours per week, Denbigh was open 6 hours per week. There was a total of 3 computer stations with dial up Internet. Total patron visits 2250, total kids programs 2, attendance 62.

•2003/04 - The Libraries received a grant for The Ontario Trillium Foundation. An exterior ramp, and door were added to Flinton Library. An interior ramp was added at Denbigh Library. A new large print section was started at each location. The Libraries also received funds from the Ministry of Culture to operate a a Community Access site and 3 new computer and work stations were purchased for each location. As CAP site we received funds to install satellite high-speed Internet. Each location was open 10 hours per week. Total attendance at kids programs was 129.

•2005/06 - The libraries received an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant for an addition to Flinton Library, to house an accessible washroom, water, septic system and new furnace. Denbigh's existing washroom was renovated for accessibility, and the children's area was improved. As well as new additions to our large print, audio books and DVD's. The libraries received CAP funding for wireless networking and increased high speed. During 2005 the students the Denbigh school made weekly visits to the library. 2005 kids attendance was 648. 2006 kids program attendance was 264.

•2007/08 - both libraries offer Service Canada Outreach Services and participate in the Service Ontario at the Library service. Both locations open 20 hrs/week. We received OTF grant to update Denbigh entrance, children's books, children's book bags and update large print and DVD collections. A monthly home-schooled program was started in Flinton. Total kids program attendance in 2007 was 355

•2008 - we received SOLS Connectivity funding to double our Internet speed and increase our download threshold.

Over the past few years the library has been fortunate to have the township of Addington Highlands continued support. We have received 3 Ontario Trillium Foundation grants.We receive on going funding from the Ministry of Culture and Industry Canada as CAP sites. Improvements and upgrades to our Internet and wireless service thanks to SOLS connectivity funding. Two provincial literacy grants. Support to operate as Service Canada Outreach Service Site and Service Ontario. Through our growth we have relied on the many community members for hard work and support.




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